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>> Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm only a bad blogger on blogspot...I've kind of been focusing all my attention on bloomShoot Photography - a business I started recently.  Blog, Website and Shoots are so much fun!!! 

Yep!  It took me until I was 33 to figure out what I really love to do.  Crazy what a year and a great camera (actually, I'm on my 3rd great camera by now) will do.  

So forgive me for neglecting my personal blog, but I may return someday.  For now, head on over and see what the buzz is about...
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>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

i make my own good fortune.
well, actually i attribute all good fortune to the Lord above and His hand in my life, but what i meant was this...

i was laid off from my job at ac dc - working for my husband for the past 6 years.  a job i hated for the tedious work and a job i loved because i helped build it from the ground up; it supports our family, and well, it's our company. nevertheless, i'm laid off.

no longer processing payroll and no longer on payroll.

so....what does one do when one experiences the effects of a reduction in force?

get. a. job.

another one. a different one.

so i made a job.  me and jerrie. and all because of a divine idea that came from divine intervention, i'm sure of it.

jerrie haskin was laid off, too.  from the same company.  our company. sorry jerrie! i know how ya feel.

fortunately for me, i met her and saw her incredible talent before she was laid off. her photography is inspiring, beautiful and special.  so when i had the divine idea, i thought immediately of jerrie.

BAM! the big bang! happened and bloomShoot photography entered its existence.

images, prices and information at www.bloomshoot.com.
e-mail me at karynnbloom at gmail.com - june is filling up fast!

a little about us and what we offer as photographers...
boy do i love my job!

meet your photographers...
jerrie haskin brings exquisite aptitude and a well-trained eye to bloomShoot Photography. she extends her expertise in digital photography, thorough knowledge of photo editing software and endless creativity to every client and every situation.
her official position as senior photographer comes with years of experience in photography, an established clientele in texas - her home state - and exceptional client service and satisfaction.
high school seniors especially love jerrie's sense of humor and fun personality.  who can resist her charming texas accent and her contagious smile?
jerrie's photography exhibits a truly pure and artistic flair. she is an artist by every aspect of the word.

karynn jorgensen contributes fourteen years of diversified business experience, a strong and extensive background in multiple facets of design and exclusive resources and connections. she brings creative passion and a heartfelt sentiment and zeal for the visual eye-candy only digital photography can communicate.
a mother of three sons and one daughter ranging in ages twelve years to thirteen months, karynn's adoration and love for children extends beyond her own and grows with every newborn baby, toddler, child and tween she embraces. she is honored to be working with every precious and perfect child, and their parents, as her clients.
professional photography provides the creative outlet karynn lives for.  her greatest purpose for photography is to show her clients how their inner beauty shines on the outside.  she sees the remarkable, the extraordinary, the one-of-a-kind beauty and allure that each individual possesses and reveals those qualities in her photography.

with combined experience of four years in the photography field and ten years in varied spheres of creative design, this dynamic team of photographers leaves nothing to be desired. they are photographers on call - ready to please each and every client, whatever it takes.

you'll find that our style is your style.
fun, bright, colorful photos that are full of emotion.
serene, calm, subdued locations filled with natural lighting to capture a mood.
black and white photos that defy beauty with natural light. 
refrain from stiff poses and unnatural settings or backdrops and set your portraits free. free to be as unique and stunning as you are.

what features make us special?
dual shooters - what does it mean for your photos?
dual shooters = two photographers that can be two places at once. teamwork times a million!
with multiple angles and two shooters on location, the possibilities are endless and the results are incredible.
more photos to select from means guaranteed satisfaction.
we know you'll be happy, but just in case, we want to ensure it.
having dual shooters affords a luxury many solo photographers lack.

superior equipment and technology
professional digital SLR cameras
professional lenses and accessories
upgraded photo editing technology
professional website and blog with pertinent information, discounts & specials, and simple navigation
online checkout for convenient credit card transactions

excellent customer service and satisfaction guaranteed
we are happy!  as long as you are happy.
we understand how valuable your photos are. we promise to provide professional service, simple solutions and cheerful, productive customer support.
our client is our boss.  every resource and every effort will be exhausted to meet crucial deadlines and to make every event/shoot as smooth and flawless as possible.

we won't turn you down
are our services and packages out of your price range?  we will never turn you down!  give us a number and we will custom fit our services to your budget.  get what you want, when you want.

referral print credit
your referrals are worth more to us than just a simple "thank you". allow us to compensate with $1.00 in print credit for every referral session bloomShoot Photography completes. of course, a simple "thank you" is not out of order!


It's all about New...

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

new marriage. new life.

new full set.
 *.¸.* ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
   (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨`• 

my knockout of a cousin, ali (allison), got married in march.  i didn't get the shots i was really after - quite frankly, i was a little intimidated by all the other photographers. 

she practically had the paparazzi documenting her wedding,
no kidding.
but i did manage to get a few and i am so very happy with the way they turned out.

sadly, ali's back was turned to me throughout the entire ceremony,
but i did capture a few of that beautiful back...

...and as brides go,
the back is as beautiful as the front!

 *.¸.* ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
  (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨`•

carly ann - she's my little prima ballerina.
12 years old and she'll be dancing in new york all summer.

 *.¸.* ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
  (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨`•

my cousins, rashell and shannon - can you believe these two just had babies? 
shannon had her baby boy the day after i had kierstyn and rashell gave birth to twins recently!

there were babies everywhere.

fun, cute, chubby babies, of whom i have no pictures because i was attending my own baby
...cutest babies in the world.

i'm not biased.

 *.¸.* ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
  (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨`•
that good lookin' dude in the center is tim.  
 ali and carly ann's older brother. 
i have the best childhood memories of my cousins - especially tim since we're closer in age.  

he was a wild one, i tell you.  

one wild child.  

but now he's a man.
and a successful one, at that - he's the
and the assistant coach at
willamette university in oregon.



>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

i have a baby.
according to child development specialists,
she became a toddler last week when she started walking.

  since the transformation from baby to toddler, she has spread her wings a bit...
what once was a small radius around her mother
has broadened and expanded with undefined limits.

in her exploration this morning, she came across a fascinating discovery. 

the charmin giant roll.


t.p. analysis


i'm out.


model sister

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

kay-kay.  ontie kay-kay.  kalers. kalen.  
this is my lil' sis.  as if i have to put it in writing, she's stunning.  

thanks for playing along, kalen!

those eyes are mesmerizing. gorg, kay-kay. and the bangs - they totally work.  luv them.  luv you!

this website inspired this jumping pic. she totally caught air, but i must confess - my attempt at stealing another artist's originality = fail. i laugh heartily when i think of it. still love the shot, though.



flash foto of my beautiful sister, kalen. she stopped by on her way to slc from ca. 
 i pretty much forced her to let me take some pictures and boy, oh, boy. 
 she's a stunner, eh? who looks this good on a road trip?

"alterations" seems to be an appropriate term for  everything right now. so many things are on the verge of being altered - significantly. life as i know it could change forever with all that is transpiring.  it's in my dna - i usually love change, but staring straight into the unknown is somehow not as inviting this time.

i need to make some alterations. there are people in my life in need of mending and tailoring and in order to help them, it will take a change on my end.

i need alterations - mending - spiritually, physically, and most certainly emotionally.  but who doesn't, right?

this alteration is a simple one...a quick decision that really doesn't have an impact on anyone or anything.  it's a simple change that, in my mind, seems to make sense.  in trying to come up with a "cutesy" name for my photography, i sort of squandered all other possibilities.  it's really a trivial thing - it's not as if anyone actually looks at this blog or the amateur photography posted through its pages, but if i want to be serious and authentic at all about photography, i must change the name.

and so...the vague philosophy stops here...squish foto is no more.

wow i'm indecisive.

drip foto lasted but a millisecond and transformed into squish foto. squish foto will now yield a metamorphosis to the simple karynn | elizabeth | foto | co.

and that's that.  enough of the rambling.  it's pretty obvious that i'm sick today and have nothing better to do than sit around renaming a blog with no traffic.  perhaps that can be altered, as well.


foto flash - batts in sk8 george

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

fun.  it's the best word i can think of to describe this family and their foto shoot.  while not technically my first shoot, it really was the first shoot i've been asked to do as opposed to begging and bribing someone else to trespass private property and put up with my camera in their face.  

so when ruth asked me to take pictures of her family, i was thrilled, anxious and a wee bit nervous.  actually, most of all, i was surprised.  humbled, even.  

the batt family
cale and i go way back - we have known each other since college - he doesn't look a day older than he did then.  no kidding. i can't say the same for myself, but that's why i'm behind the camera!!

i met ruth right before she married cale. or maybe it was right after.  in any case, it's been a while since i've seen her in real life, but -praise facebook- we've befriended each other online.

ruth and cale have a (near) 6 year old beautiful blonde boy.
wait until you see his face.

ruth. she's adorable and sweet and funny and, oh, did i mention gorgeous?

check. her. out.

this adorable little boy's name is ocean.

it's pretty clear that ocean adores his dad.

i love this. i simply love this.


365 to 1

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

well, 365 didn't go so well when my photoshop trial ran out and i figured out that you can't just download the trial over an over.

but blessed am i - my stepmom and dad gave me photoshop cs4 for my birthday!!! unbelievable, right?

i haven't quite gotten back into the whole 365 thing, though my photography has certainly suffered for it.  in fact, i haven't done much at all except work, but recently i was inspired on a foggy day and ever since, the nikon has been by my side.

i did manage to take my baby girl's one-year old pictures. we were behind the dugout at kiel's baseball game - he snuck in a few shots, too. we had jespen's birthday party day on saturday - there are some unedited pics from the big party at fun time inflatables.  his actual birthday began an hour and a half ago.  i will be taking more pics today.  but first, i must sleep...

fun time inflatables + 11 kids = pooped!



i think i really love photography. along with millions of friends along with me. no wonder it's such a fad - get a decent camera and you are an instant artist. well, there's potential, anyway.

this is def a lifelong hobby with lifelong learning involved. i'm thrilled to be a part of it.

a huge shout-out and thank you to emily clark for inspiring it all. i had never, ever seen pictures like hers. and never have since. her passion for color and her mad foto skillz rubbed off on me from the moment i saw her blog. i saw her blog thanks to a friend i met on babycenter - she lives in cedar, too. she did mommy models and now i'm hooked on wink fotos.

awe. passion. love. beauty. depth. definition. personality. fun. they are what i search for. what i seek through the lens.

only time will tell if i've found them...

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